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U.S. Business Emailing List

FYI - our business emailing list are 100% opt-in, and CAN-SPAM compliant. This is important for your success, knowing we supply you with quality - accurate business leads

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Team Ship

We believe in a solid foundation from the first step to the last. Team ship is the first step in building your internet solutions. With a knowledgeable team that can represent you and your needs, you are just standing on sand waiting to fail.

We here at 4urWeb take pride in offering you the best we have so that your foundation will last for years to come. Making each client our number one priority is what makes us top in our field........

Project Planning

It takes more than one mind to come up with a good strategy to make you our client happy. We have a great project team just waiting to make your dreams reality. You tell us what you want and we make sure it happens. From basic web-hosting to designing you a custom site we listen and so what ever it takes.

We offer unmanaged and managed sites, advertising, and now we have the ability to offer huge savings on custom targeting E-mailing Packages. Don't quite know what ou want, don't worry we can also help you with that. Making sure you are happy is our goal.... ...

Support Team

It doesn't stop when your plan gets off the ground, it just begins. Our support team is here to help you follow your dream 24/7. We monitor our servers and web-sites for anything that can go wrong and when it does we are right there on top of it so you have no worries.

Need something more, a small question answered, a huge question answered and need it right away, we are there for you. It's nice to know at the end of the day when you close your doors there is someone there still maintaining your needs. ....

Top Players

Some of the best in their field are working side by side with you all the way through your projects. We have designers, developers, programmers, and skilled journeymen along with our daily support and planning team that work full time to see that 4urWeb is on top of the industry.

We stay up on the latest trends and die hard platforms that will service our needs and yours. With a versatile group from around the world you can imagine what we can accomplish. ...

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U.S. Business Email List - Top Level Executives



Agricultural Companies    155,000
Mining Companies      31,000
Construction Companies     511,000
Contractors     374,000
Transportation Companies     307,000
Wholesalers     577,000
Retailers 1,803,000
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate     840,000
Service Companies  4,100,000
Government Offices     197,000
Misc Businesses 1,181,000

Unique Emailing List

Marketing Directors (verified by phone)    101,563 
Sales Directors (verified by phone)     288,511
Small Businesses w<10 Emp ( verified by phone)  2,877,468
African American Business Owners     255,426
Asian American Business Owners      91,224
Hispanic American Business Owners     167,002
Hispanic Non-American in U.S. Business Owners       64,897
Arabic American Business Owners     547,354
Arabic Non-American in U.S. Business Owners     288,641
Education - Home Email Address     177,589
Legal - Home Email Address       81,931
Medical - Home Email Address   1,362,414
Self Employed - Home Email Address      546,397
Business Owners - Home Email Address      988,300
Business Owner - Home Office Email   2,367,100
New  Businesses Added Average Monthly       30,000
Commercial Property Investors       55,000
Rental Property Investors Home Address (non email)      191,722
Contractor - Home Address (non email)      711,000
Self Employed - Home Address (non email)   1,314,897
SOHO - Telecommuter - Work from Home   6,256,826
Very Affluent Business Owners (NW $2MM+)      287,992
Young Business Owners (age <40)      826,500


Emailing Marketing To Large Companies

Our marketing research department statics show that the majority of reputable business waive against email list targeted at large companies. With the reason relating to compilation methods and resources. Basically emailing to a large company is not good unless you can direct your mail to the exact executive with job title related to your offer. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time with it going to an executive who has absolutely no interest or buying power for your offer.  Basic food for not send an email offer to any company with more than 20 employees, unless you can direct it to a specific job title.


Emailing Marketing To Small Companies

Unlike large companies you do not have to be so worried on such things as job titles since in most smaller companies everyone knows everyone else. If you have a good market strategy put together well it is more likely that if you miss our target it will be forwarded to the right party that might have an interest in your product or offer.


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