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Team Ship

We believe in a solid foundation from the first step to the last. Team ship is the first step in building your internet solutions. With a knowledgeable team that can represent you and your needs, you are just standing on sand waiting to fail.

We here at 4urWeb take pride in offering you the best we have so that your foundation will last for years to come. Making each client our number one priority is what makes us top in our field........

Project Planning

It takes more than one mind to come up with a good strategy to make you our client happy. We have a great project team just waiting to make your dreams reality. You tell us what you want and we make sure it happens. From basic web-hosting to designing you a custom site we listen and so what ever it takes.

We offer unmanaged and managed sites, advertising, and now we have the ability to offer huge savings on custom targeting E-mailing Packages. Don't quite know what ou want, don't worry we can also help you with that. Making sure you are happy is our goal.... ...

Support Team

It doesn't stop when your plan gets off the ground, it just begins. Our support team is here to help you follow your dream 24/7. We monitor our servers and web-sites for anything that can go wrong and when it does we are right there on top of it so you have no worries.

Need something more, a small question answered, a huge question answered and need it right away, we are there for you. It's nice to know at the end of the day when you close your doors there is someone there still maintaining your needs. ....

Top Players

Some of the best in their field are working side by side with you all the way through your projects. We have designers, developers, programmers, and skilled journeymen along with our daily support and planning team that work full time to see that 4urWeb is on top of the industry.

We stay up on the latest trends and die hard platforms that will service our needs and yours. With a versatile group from around the world you can imagine what we can accomplish. ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I transfer my domain to your servers ?
  2. Where can I find the scripts that you offer to go on my webpage?
  3. Why doesn't my site show on the web right away?
  4. Who is responsible for backup if my site goes down and I lose it?
  5. What is a responsive website?
  6. Can I get a refund if I am not happy with your service?

How do I transfer my domain to your servers?

  • If you wish to transfer your domain we can help you with that...all you have to do is make a request through the domain protocol. If you are asking how to point it to our servers that will be explained to you in detail as soon as you sign up for a hosting plan. It's very simple to change the MX records.
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Where can I find the scripts that you offer to put into my webpages?

  • There are over 40 scripts and they can be located in your cpanel. There are three sections they are listed in...under cgi (scripts) under java (scripts) and in the Fantasico section where you can install them with just one click.
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Why doesn't my website show up right away?

  • When you first point your domain to our servers it can take up to 24 hours to resolve. If you are still having a problem contact our support department.
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Who is responsible for backup if my site goes down and I lose it?

  • Unfortunately you are responsible for all your own backup. We do back up our system on a regular basis, we can use our backup data and put your site back online, however it will only be equal to the last data that is on our servers. .
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What is a responsive website?

  • A responsive website is a site that will respond to all forms media, such as a mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
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Can I get a refund if I am not happy with your service?

  • We do offer refunds on certain services however it is not something that we make a common practice of. It would be much wiser to talk with someone prior to getting a service if you have an doubts or questions. Our support team is here 24/7 to help you wish any questions or concerns you might have..
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