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Team Ship

We believe in a solid foundation from the first step to the last. Team ship is the first step in building your internet solutions. With a knowledgeable team that can represent you and your needs, you are just standing on sand waiting to fail.

We here at 4urWeb take pride in offering you the best we have so that your foundation will last for years to come. Making each client our number one priority is what makes us top in our field........

Project Planning

It takes more than one mind to come up with a good strategy to make you our client happy. We have a great project team just waiting to make your dreams reality. You tell us what you want and we make sure it happens. From basic web-hosting to designing you a custom site we listen and so what ever it takes.

We offer unmanaged and managed sites, advertising, and now we have the ability to offer huge savings on custom targeting E-mailing Packages. Don't quite know what ou want, don't worry we can also help you with that. Making sure you are happy is our goal.... ...

Support Team

It doesn't stop when your plan gets off the ground, it just begins. Our support team is here to help you follow your dream 24/7. We monitor our servers and web-sites for anything that can go wrong and when it does we are right there on top of it so you have no worries.

Need something more, a small question answered, a huge question answered and need it right away, we are there for you. It's nice to know at the end of the day when you close your doors there is someone there still maintaining your needs. ....

Top Players

Some of the best in their field are working side by side with you all the way through your projects. We have designers, developers, programmers, and skilled journeymen along with our daily support and planning team that work full time to see that 4urWeb is on top of the industry.

We stay up on the latest trends and die hard platforms that will service our needs and yours. With a versatile group from around the world you can imagine what we can accomplish. ...

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Board of Directors (BOD)

Our company is based on a solid foundation formed in 1999 with the sole purpose of giving a web presence to the first time entrepreneur at an affordable price. To help establish young growing companies in the world wide web. Today we have surpassed that and extended our horizons on all forms of web presences and marketing. IT takes a strong team to run a good ship and at 4urWeb we feel we have the right team for the job.  Here are our top leaders, but don't stop here take a look at the rest of the team that works so hard to meet your web needs.  All of our board work at the main headquarters, but are not limited to there. They can be found in our warehouse working side by side with all the rest of the crew.


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Thomas Goodall

CO-Founder and CEO


Jeffery Michaels

COO -Chief Operating
Officer & CFO -Chief Financial Officer


Gregory Myers

Chief Marketing Officer
& Senior Executive Vice President


Llywelyn Sheehan

Chief HR Officer


Inan Kakkar

CIO - Chief Information
Officer of European Affairs


Douglas Owens

CIO - Chief Information
Officer of US AffairsOfficer of US Affairs


Main Offices


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